Consultancy Services

We deliver seamless business solutions to the widest range of industries and the most complex business situations including:

Long Term Business Planning and Training : Formulating a business plan and Training  using a bottom up participative approach. Detailing the organisation’s mission, objectives and goals, and strategies of how to achieve these. Setting out both financial and non-financial parameters in which the business will operate.

Project Feasibility Studies: Preparing project feasibility studies to ensure that new project expansions being undertaken are feasible, viable and sustainable over the long run. This involves identifying what a certain course of action, whether financial or strategic, will cost in real terms, and how it will impact the project.

Business Valuations: Valuing business and their individual components. The type of valuation depends on the nature of the exercise such as acquisition,
restructuring, shareholder buyout, tax appeal or litigation.

Mergers & Acquisitions: Providing advice on complex equity and corporate deals and ensuring clients maximise deal value and reduce risk. This involves understanding the implications and guiding the client through every aspect of the transactions from identifying appropriate targets, structuring deals and raising finance.

Risk Management Solutions: Providing business advisory services to anticipate and reduce the risk associated with future business activities, thereby securing the long term profitability of the client’s business. The aim is to anticipate risk and have the right controls in place to protect the business through a period of major change.

Design of Accounting Systems: Setting up financial and cost accounting systems, effective treasury systems and management of debtors and creditors.

Review, Design & Documentation of Policies & Procedures: Review of the corporation’s operational policies and procedures, advising on industry best practices and documentation, and facilitating implementation by providing appropriate client training.

Business Development, Profitability & Cash Flow Management: Preparation of costs, revenue and cash flow projections, financial and variance analysis, product costing, inventory controls, design of purchasing systems, and formulation of growth strategies. The aim is to re-engineer the data structures and processes that generate management information, focusing on cost reduction and identification of non-performing units.

Leasing - An Effective Tool for Asset Finance: Providing specialised advice on the accounting, taxation, commercial, regulatory and modelling aspects of leasing.

Due Diligence: Involves an independent verification on a merger or take over of the financial, legal and functional aspects of a business to provide assurance to the merging party or the party taking over on the current state of the business.

Management Audits: Providing assurance on the suitability of existing manpower to effectively carry out the responsibilities and tasks allocated to them, and providing advice on possible areas of strengthening the staff capabilities.

Human Resource Policies & Procedures: Reviewing, designing and documenting human resource policies and procedures including overall structure, general administration and staff evaluation amongst others. The policies and procedures are tailored to the client’s operating structure and local legislation.

Design of Remuneration & Benefit Structures & Performance Based Reward Schemes: Designing packages that increase staff loyalty and performance, the overall objective being to motivate, develop and retain staff by providing adequate compensation packages.

Hardware and Software Assessment and Selection and security reviews: Provide solutions based on our understanding of the client’s business and information requirements and recommend appropriate hardware and software to suit client’s needs and providing cutting edge software development solutions in strategic partnership with leading software developers. Carry out comprehensive reviews of security controls using state-of-the-art tools and provide solutions based on best practices.

Risks Assessment Audits: Review the risks that exist within the organisation and provide practical solutions to control and mitigate these risks. We provide advice on how clients can make effective use of data mining tools including CAAT (Computer Assisted Auditing Techniques), etc. in their routine business operations.

Quality Assurance: Assist in designing IT strategic plans, advise on quality assurance standards and carry out total quality assurance audits.

Forensic Services : Investigations – fraud, economic crimes, white collar crimes, Litigation support, Expert witness testimony, Commercial dispute resolution, Arbitration services, Claim determination eg commercial disputes, IT breach investigations, file recoveries, hard disk recoveries

Market Research : Media research, Employee satisfaction surveys, Customer satisfaction surveys, Industry specific research, Consumer research and attitude surveys, Brand awareness surveys, Feasibility studies, Product development research, Public relations research ,Social science research, baseline surveys.